About Eric Woodard ...

Eric Woodard was born in the back seat of his Aunt Hazel's car in the parking lot of Trident Hospital in Charleston, SC in 1973.  Eric grew up in Monck's Corner, a small town in Berkely County about 40 miles from Charleston.

After his parents divorced, Eric's mom moved the kids to Summerville, where they lived for a few years until returning to Monck's Corner.  During this time, Eric was exposed to all kinds of music everything from Grandmaster Flash to Don Ho to Rick Springfield.  He bought his first LP in third grade, Rick Springfield's Working Class Dog.  This initial purchase led to a lifelong love of music and started young Eric down the path to opening his own music store.

Eric graduated from Berkely High School and moved to Columbia to attend USC, where he majored in art.  Eric always wanted to be a comic book artist or work for Walt Disney's animation studios.

While going to school to learn to draw funnybooks, Eric met his future wife, Amanda Perry.  She was the one who put him on the musical path to righteousness.  She made him a mix tape called "Music Education 101" to kick him in the butt and pull him out of the Top 40 and glam/metal rock trap he'd fallen into.  Amanda's tape opened his ears to the beautiful sounds of non-commercial music and led him to his first job in music retail.

Eric got a job at Record Town in Columbia Mall.  Working there sharpened Eric's knowledge and piqued his interest in hip-hop and soul music.  That led to his second job in music retail, working for Manifest Discs and Tapes.

Eric was hired by Jim Small, the long-time manager and seminal "face" of Manifest in the early '90s.  Eric's first duty for the store was to file and process hundreds of used CDs that had piled up around the store.  This simple task became the core of his regular job, as Eric became the chain's first Used Product Manager.  Eric excelled at buying and selling used records.  Soon he'd grown the used section from a single table to a full-blown department.  By offering great deals on CDs, tapes, DVDs, VHS, and vinyl, Eric revitalized the Used Department and transformed it into a centerpiece of the Manifest experience.

Eric's most important job has always been customer service.  Whether helping someone find a new favorite album or buying customers' used records, he's always believed in the Golden Rule:  Treat others as you'd like to be treated.  This philosophy has helped Eric build many enduring personal and business relationships through the years.  It is the foundation of his hopes and dreams for Scratch 'n' Spin.